Hunting Times

We are open daily by appointment from 8:00 a.m. to dusk.

Phone (920) 398-2618

2013 - 2014 Tower Shoots
Available by advance scheduling only. All purchased birds will be released during a single session. Tower shoots are open to groups of 5-10 people at a time. After the birds are released, the group will have exclusive rights to the fields for the remainder of the afternoon for a ground hunt of the remaining birds that were missed in the initial release.

There is a one hundred bird minimum package for $1500 plus tax. This includes lunch for your group and a retriever for the shoot. If interested in purchasing more than 100 birds, please contact Jim for prices.

Minimum of 10 birds per person
Maximum of 20 people per group
Special tower shoots used before December 31, 2013, will only be $12.50 per bird.
Tower shoots used in January, 2014, will be $13.00 per bird.
Tower shoots used in February - March, 2014, will be $14.50 per bird.

Regular Membership
Membership may be purchased at any time during the regular season and expires February 14th, 2014. Base fee for membership is $150.00. Membership bird prices are:

1-40 pheasants = $15.00 per bird
1-40 chuckers = $7.00 per bird
Please contact Jim for pricing if interested in purchasing more than 40 birds.

Regular members have the privilege of hunting scratch birds, of the same species purchased, for free during the regular membership season. There will be a limit of 2 scratch birds per member, per hunting session. This limit is voided if purchased birds are released during the same hunting session. Registration is still necessary at the clubhouse or with Jim prior to hunting. As a member, you may also hunt for scratch birds without a bird release, limit of two birds, for a cost of $3.00 per bird. Any birds shot over the allowed limit will cost $10.00 per bird. Scratch chuckers may be shot for $7.00 per bird. Scratch bird hunting, without release of birds, is offered ONLY when fields are available, and you MUST call ahead.

Hunting may be available in March if birds are available. Call Jim for information and possible appointment times.

Regular Day Rates for Nonmembers
3-5 Pheasants (half rooster/half hen) $22.00 per bird
6-9 Pheasants (half rooster/half hen) $21.00 per bird
10 or more Pheasants (half rooster/half hen) $20.00 per bird

Free scratch birds with release of 10 or more pheasants.
$10.00 per bird for scratch pheasants if less than 10 birds are released.

Hunter's Education Special
Children and adults who have completed proof of hunter's education safety class within the last year will receive a special price of $12.00 per bird for three birds during their first hunt. You must bring completed proof to take advantage of this special once during the season.

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